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Mar. 28th, 2008 | 09:22 pm
posted by: theurbangypsy in mtf_plussize

Hola. I need all of this stuff gone. Some items have prices, but they're just an idea. My email: OyeMichi@Gmail [dot][com]. I'm nice; promise :) Thank you mucho.

**Let me just clarify; my mannequin has all the items pinned in the back. Check measurements for accuracy. Thanks!**

This is a really cute turquoise babydoll style top. These have some stretch to them. I have a 1X and a 2X and both are brand new with tags.
Measurements for 1X: about 18-24 inches armpit to armpit and about 25 inches in length.
Measurements for 2X: about 22-28 inches from armpit to armpit and about 28 inches in length.

These tops are so pretty! They're babydoll/tunic style. Both are 3X in women's. Measurements: about 25-30 inches from armpit to armpit and about 29 inches in length. Both brand new with tags.

REEF Sandals with green glitter on the straps. Really pretty. Size 10 in women's-- brand new with tags.

Leopard print kitten wedges. REALLY pretty. Brand new with tags. Size 10 in women's.

Brand New STEVE MADDEN Black Patent shoes/flats. Size 10 in women's. SOOO CUTE!

BRAND NEW Puma Brasil shoes. The colors are so cool. They're a size 7.5 in men's, which is about an 8.5-9 in women's.

Black sandals by CLARKS. They have cute cut-out flowers and are really pretty. Mom wore these once and decided she liked the red ones better. VERY clean and not gross. Size 8.5 in women's. $19.50

Pretty light blue lace top by Apostrophe size 2X. It stretches: about 26 inches from armpit to armpit and about 25 inches from back collar to hem. Brand new with tags. $13.50

Awesome black and cream purse with bamboo strap. Tons of sequins and they sparkle. Super duper, never worn.Both from Old Navy. About 7 inches long and about 11 inches wide. $12.50

Cute peach and straw purse with rustic gold hardware. Great details! about 6 inches in length and about 12 inches wide. Tons of space and pockets. Brand new with tags, never worn. $12.50

Super glam dark denim purse with chunky diamond-like rhinestones. This sparkles soooo much and it's just fantastic. It is about 5 inches in length and about 12 inches wide. Chic and so rad. Brand new with tags, never worn! $12.50

Pretty bronze purse with sequins by Transversion: LOOP NYC. It has a pink tassle on the side with a great silver strap. The detail is fabulous and it is in perfect condition. About 6 inches in length and about 12 inches wide. Lots of pockets and space. $15.50

Super cute red velvet skirt by BABY GAP size 18-24 months. Brand new with tags.

Really nice journal. It's brand new. It has the "Footprints" passage on it. Very sweet. $8

Now, these are books. All in super great condition. No writing, nothing like that.

Okay, I collect any type of religious item. I just think they're great. These are really cool. They're hand painted Virgin Mary wall decors. This is about 8 inches long and about 6.5 inches wide. Made of wood and the detail is really fabulous. Kinda' folk art. $10.50 each or $17.50 for both

Elvis Tin Sign. I have so much Elvis stuff. Don’t ask. Great condition and the colors are super vivid. It is about 16 inches in length and about 13 inches in width. Check it out. $22.50

Okay, I've been trying to get rid of this forever. It is a HUGE Elvis Painting that measures 3ft. by 3ft. Seriously, it is HUGE. Long story behind this, but as you can see-- it is VERY well painted/made. If you are truly interested, let me know and I can send you more pictures... I have like 30. I am looking for a reasonable offer... don't offend me and offer me $20 haha.

Brown Mead Journal. Brand new, never used. $7

Hair Tie. It is brand new and white with a pretty accent flower. The flower is not plastic and it’s really cute. $4

Gorgeous Beaded Bracelet made in India. Brand new, never worn. It's about 3 inches thick and about 9 inches long. $8.50

Great chunky dark green bracelets-- 2. Brand new with tags. $5.50

Super cute animal print chunky bracelet. Brand new with tags. $5.50

Super awesome white chunky bangle bracelet with a vintage style floral design all over. Brand new with tags. $5.50

These are all Vintage CLIP-ON Earrings in great, CLEAN condition $10 for all:

Button. Dork. Haha $1.50.

Plain Reporter Style Journal $6.

Super long vintage faux stars and pearls necklace. Super glam!! It is about 36 inches long $9.50.

Pink and Orange Dangly/Sparkly Bracelet. It stretches. Brand new with tags $5.50.

Russ Berrie Mug. Never been used. SO ADORABLE! $10

Mickey Mouse mug. Authentic Disney item. Never been used. $10

Brand New pocket mirror with stars from Torrid $5.50.

Awesome Beaded necklace from Torrid. About 19 inches long. Really colorful and cute. Never worn $6.50.

Got this from Chile and it has been put away ever since. It is a greenish-blue necklace about 17 inches long. Simple and cool $3.

Brand new Vincent Van Gogh 2008 Calendar. This has some of his most popular pieces. Really great.

Oh my gosh, now the CDs. I am so going to get a cramp listing all of this! I will make a written list later. Check out the pictures. They’re all really clear.

Borat, brand new/sealed.

Cosmetics. ALL Makeup is brand new/SEALED.

Lot of random makeup. I would like to get rid of this as a lot.

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The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

From: fayanora
Date: Mar. 30th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)

How much for the turquoise top?

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From: theurbangypsy
Date: Mar. 30th, 2008 03:03 am (UTC)

$18 with shipping. Let me know, thanks :)

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The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

From: fayanora
Date: Mar. 30th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)

Hmm... I shall think on it.

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