Wassup yall Plus size Diva from AUckland hea!!!

Hey wassup everyone! I came across this group and had to join being a plus sized sister and all. Im from Auckland New Zealand. Im 26 years of age Im polynesian/european. Im thick and P*H*A*T with a booty 2 boot. For a plus size girl I rock da curves hard. Im forever up and down on the scales but ya get that huh lol.... Currently trying do drop a few lb's to get to a more comfortable size cause Im kinda tippin the scales at the moment by my standards. Errrrm Im kinda new to LJ I've just joined I was a member years ago but really didn't bother getting into it. So Im back! and yeah looking forward to networking and making new contacts ect.

Ummm what else? Oh add me if you like :) I need some friends hehe being a newbie I got like nadaz hahahhaha tragic! Buddum yeah I've yet to start blogging I figured I'd get into that once I've worked on the networking thing.

Ah k thats all I think :) k sending a big shout out to my plus size sisters all round da world! 


and leaving some love on this page right here xoxo


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SRS while Overweight?

I looked through the tags and didn't see anything about this, so I figured I'd ask.

I'm beginning to research surgeons so I can get my ducks in a row and know what to expect. I'm lucky enough to have insurance that will cover insurance, but the stipulations and conditions and hoops I'll have to go through to find a surgeon already seems daunting. I also was born in Illinois; So, for insurance purposes and Illinois' stupid birth certificate laws (for now) I need to find an SRS surgeon in the United States for $20,000 or less. So far, I've found the major names of course.. Bowers, Meltzer, and Brassard (not sure if Insurance would work with Brassard), Reed (which from everything I've read is a big no-no), and Christine McGinn.

Here's where the problem comes in, and I have to imagine I'm not the only one with this problem:
I'm overweight. Now, to be fair, I don't -look- all that overweight, and I mainly carry my weight in my belly. My arms and legs are actually very toned. I'm about 5'8", and at last doctor's appointment weighed about 298. (Still don't look it though).

Just about every surgeon's information I've found have weight restrictions; Bowers site I believe states patients should be 210lbs or less, McGinn's states patients should have a BMI of 28 or less (which for 5'8" is about 170lbs. Get Real.)

I know that I can't be the only overweight MTF person in the world, and I know that there have to have been others who have successfully had SRS. I can't imagine surgeons would turn away clients based on weight issues alone.

So then, does anyone out there have any experiences with surgeons / surgery and weight issues? I'm willing to try to lose weight, but I don't think that trying to lose 100+ lbs in the next 1-2 years is all that practical, feasible, or realistic.

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Hi everyone

 Very closeted 33 y.o. mtf ts here, but I want to talk to other bigger girls about how to pass and look sexy when you're not a size 0. 

I'm 5'7", about 250... which means I already have nice little breasts, but also a gut.. I wear XXL men's shirts and 42 waist pants... I'm trying to lose weight, but until then, I'd love advice on flattering clothing and other ways to look cute :)

Great to be hear, everyone
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<br/><a href="http://phonyart.blogspot.com/" >PhonyArt Custom Design</a>

Ok ladies and gents.  The PhonyArt Custom design and jewelery blog is up an running.  It has links to places I sell and some places I happen to like, pictures of some of my work and info about it, tips on choosing and caring for jewelery (this will hopefully be added to over time) and a bunch of other stuff as it comes to me.

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