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Wassup yall Plus size Diva from AUckland hea!!!

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Jan. 23rd, 2010 | 03:48 pm
location: Auckland
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Push Push - Kat Deluna
posted by: dis_cool_chick in mtf_plussize

Hey wassup everyone! I came across this group and had to join being a plus sized sister and all. Im from Auckland New Zealand. Im 26 years of age Im polynesian/european. Im thick and P*H*A*T with a booty 2 boot. For a plus size girl I rock da curves hard. Im forever up and down on the scales but ya get that huh lol.... Currently trying do drop a few lb's to get to a more comfortable size cause Im kinda tippin the scales at the moment by my standards. Errrrm Im kinda new to LJ I've just joined I was a member years ago but really didn't bother getting into it. So Im back! and yeah looking forward to networking and making new contacts ect.

Ummm what else? Oh add me if you like :) I need some friends hehe being a newbie I got like nadaz hahahhaha tragic! Buddum yeah I've yet to start blogging I figured I'd get into that once I've worked on the networking thing.

Ah k thats all I think :) k sending a big shout out to my plus size sisters all round da world! 


and leaving some love on this page right here xoxo


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